Starting the Great Commission in the Home!

We believe in Parents! Our goal is to partner with parents to reach their children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may live for the supreme glory of God (Deuteronomy 6:1-9 & Psalm 78:4).

We believe in Teachers! Our classroom method is to engage kids in an open, energetic environment with committed, passionate teachers using biblical, Christ-centered curriculum, on an age appropriate level. Our teachers are on the mission field every week as they share the Word of God with children. 

Because we believe Kids can know God!

Sunday mornings

Sunday school

Kids preschool-5th grade are in age specific Sunday School classes and use The Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway, which is a Christ-centered chronological Bible study through Scripture. Your kids will be on the same lesson you are each week. This helps facilitate spiritual conversations with your children on the car ride home, at lunch after church, and throughout the week. There is a nursery provided for babies during Sunday School.

Worship Service


In Wee C.A.R.E. kids (birth-4 years) enjoy a time of learning, play and care during the morning worship time. Wee C.A.R.E. is Crabapple Church's ministry to preschool children during the Sunday morning worship time. Since the corporate body of believers are in joyful praise of our great Lord Jesus and our K-2nd graders are also enjoying worshipping Christ in Elements Kid's Worship so these Wee ones should also be prepared for their next stage in worship. At the center of Wee C.A.R.E. is active reading and affirming prayer. Wee C.A.R.E. is based upon God's Word that, "Children are a heritage from the Lord" Psalm 127:3. You are also more than welcome to keep your young children in the service with you.


Family Worship is important to us at CFBC. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 & Ephesians 6:4 teach that parents are intended by God to be the greatest spiritual influence in the lives of their children. That is why we believe that one of the most powerful tools in the conversion of children is to worship with their parents. We encourage dads and moms to respond to God's calling in their lives to "rejoice in the Lord" with their children. Every 5th Sunday, there is no Elements Kids Worship.

Elements Kids Worship (K-2nd Grade) Jesus reminded us that God has called forth praise from the mouths of children and that's why Elements Kids Worship is designed to teach the importance of worship and to prepare kids to join dad and mom in Corporate Worship.  Children participating in Elements Kids Worship leave just after the morning offering from Corporate Worship and go to Elements Kids Worship. Your kids are welcome to stay in the worship service with you, but if you would like your child to attend Elements Kids Worship, please walk your child to the foyer in the back of the sanctuary during the offering to obtain a security tag for your child. You may pick your children up from Elements Kids Worship downstairs in room 137 following the service.

Wednesday Nights


TeamKID starts at 6:15 pm and is a fun, high-energy ministry that encourages children to know Jesus Christ and to grow in a relationship with Him.  We have TeamKID groups for Preschool (3 yr. old - K), Younger Children (1st-2nd Grade) and Older Children (3rd - 5th Grade).

The various parts of TeamKID include Bible lessons, Scripture memory, life application, missions, and recreation.   These components of TeamKID work to connect and to teach boys and girls what a real and vibrant relationship with God is like.  Our goal is to teach boys and girls to see themselves and the world in which they live from a biblical and God-centered perspective.  The KID in TeamKID stands for Kids in Discipleship because discipling children is the goal of TeamKID.
TeamKID is designed for children to do more than memorize Scripture. While scripture memorization is important and a big part of TeamKID, we seek to help children understand what the bible verses mean because all parts of the TeamKID meeting focus on one Bible message - The message of Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

  1. WARM-UP is the opening activity that begins as soon as the first child arrives at TeamKID.

  2. WORKOUT includes energized, interactive Bible study as children hear or experience a Bible story, learn the meaning of a Bible verse, apply Bible truths to their lives, sing, and pray.

  3. REACH OUT uses either the missions DVD, missions activities, or mission action projects to teach children about missions around the world.

  4. STRETCHING is when children work on learning the memory verse.

  5. THE TOURNAMENT is a time to run, play, and laugh with fun games and activities that reinforce the Bible study.

  6. COOL DOWN is the final few minutes of the meeting and includes a review of what children have learned.