Your role in the task

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We live in uncertain times. People have lost trust in all sorts of things: from government to banks, employers to spouses. The confidence we’ve had in our own self-sufficiency has shattered. We long for renewal and a way for things to be made right. We long to move beyond the shallowness of our age to find community and deep, purposeful investment in the lives of others.

At Crabapple, we believe that Jesus Christ restores all things. He said, “I make all things new.” The Bible teaches us that He is the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of all. We are a community of His followers, committed to growing in our faith and to helping each other discover the true joy that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. We are a family of brothers and sisters, bonded together through the Gospel. We invite you to come and discover Crabapple for yourself.
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Praying, Going, and Giving

Project: Ambition must not, indeed cannot be the pet project of a few people or even a mission team. It will require the whole church to commit to varying levels of praying, giving, and going.

First, we must commit to pray. Pray for teams as they go to Dakar to minister among the Wolof. Pray for the Wolof people, that God would move mightily among them and that Christ would bring many of them into his fold.

Second, consider if the Lord would have you go. Though we recognize that not all will be called to go, our prayer is that God would raise an army of folks at Crabapple to participate in going. We are looking for at least 30 people to commit to participate in at least 1 trip in the next 3 years. Ask God that he would begin to show you how he would have you participate even now.

Third, we ask you to give. This project will require significant resources and if God is in it, he will provide. If you are a member at Crabapple, we ask that this project not be a substitute for regular giving. But please feel freed to give to this ministry over and above such giving if the Lord lays it on your heart. If you are not a part of Crabapple's church family but you would like to invest in this project, we invite you to do so. Please send your tax-deductible contribution to Crabapple First Baptist Church, 12760 Birmingham Highway, Milton, GA 30004. Be sure to include "Project: Ambition" on the subject line.

Upcoming Trips

April 8-16, 2011

Team: Michael (leader), Brett, Mark, Larry
Objectives: Intensive gospel sowing, developing future team leaders, discerning where God may have us plant the ministry
Status: Team complete

July 5-13, 2011

Team: Chris (leader), John, Kiersten
Objectives: Intensive gospel sowing, developing future team leaders, building on work of the April team
Status: Slots open

TBD (October or November), 2011

Team: Paula (leader), Diane, Paul, Karen, Michael B.
Objectives: Intensive gospel sowing, developing future team leaders, building on work of the previous teams
Status: Slots open

Wednesday night activities

These activities will resume in August:

Beginning at 5:30pm:
Pastor Bible Study
Adult Choir
Ladies Bible Study

There is something for everyone on Wednesday night at Crabapple!

Wednesday night opportunities

Aug 13

Dinner 5:30pm AWANA Club 6:15pm Rooted: Youth Discipleship 6:15pm Adult Choir 6:30pm Ladies Bible Study (starts 8/20) 6:30pm Pastor Bible Study 6:30pm There is something for everyone at Crabapple on Wednesday night.

Paul's response to his imprisonment is surprising. Instead of asking fellow believers to pray foremost for his release and his safety, Paul in Ephesians chapter 6 calls for prayer to strengthen him to open his "mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel." This was because Paul's life was animated by a pure and holy passion for his mission, his message, and his mandate. But these weren't just Paul's. Find out more.
The Story

Stories are all around us. We hear them. We tell them. But do you know the most important story of all? It's the story of how the world began, what went wrong, and what God has done to redeem and restore. It's a story that never ends. We invite you to read it here.