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Bitesize Theology

Bitesize Theology

By Peter Jeffrey. Evangelical Press, 2000. ISBN: 0852344473.

Do theological concepts sometimes seem too lofty to get your mind around? This little book takes a look at the ABCs of the Christian faith, explaining truth in bitesize portions. This book is especially helpful for new believers.
What Is the Gospel?

What Is the Gospel?

By Greg Gilbert. Crossway, 2010. ISBN: 1433515008.

For Christians, it seems like the most basic question in the world: What is the gospel? And yet, in our day confusion concerning what the nature of the gospel message abounds. This little book offers crystal clarity in its explanation of the good news that Christians proclaim.
The Walk

The Walk

By Stephen Smallman. P & R, 2009. ISBN: 1596380934.

If you are a new believer in Jesus Christ or have recently come back into fellowship with the local church, this book will walk you through the basics of what it means to follow Christ. Written in any easy-going and engaging style, it explores Bible reading and prayer, as well foundational biblical truths.
What Is a Healthy Church Member?

What Is a Healthy Church Member?

By Thabiti Anyabwile. Crossway, 2008. ISBN: 1433502127.

Christians often have great expectations for what they want in a church. Often those expectations can be healthy. But how many Christians stop to think about what Christ is looking for in one who is united to his body, the church? Short and pointed, Anyabwile's book looks at 10 marks of a healthy church member.
What Does God Want of Us Anyway?

What Does God Want of Us Anyway

By Mark Dever. Crossway, 2010. ISBN: 143351415X.

This short book introduces readers to the over-arching message of the Bible. Far from being a hodgepodge of random stories, the Bible is a single narrative that tells us who God is and the story of his redemptive plan for his people.


Reason for God

The Reason for God

By Tim Keller. Dutton, 2008. ISBN: 0525950494.

Referred to by some as a Mere Christianity for our day, Tim Keller’s The Reason for God engages skeptics and agnostics with fresh, winsome, clear-headed arguments. It would make a great gift to someone who claims to be searching for spiritual truth. At the same time, the book can be used profitably for Christians desiring to equip themselves as they seek to stand for truth. Keller refuses to shy away from even the most difficult challenges to Christianity.

Bible Study

The God Who Is There

The God Who Is There

By D.A. Carson. Baker, 2010. ISBN: 0801013720.

It can no longer be assumed that most people--or even most Christians--have a basic understanding of the Bible. Many don't know the difference between the Old and New Testament, and even the more well-known biblical figures are often misunderstood. In this basic introduction, D. A. Carson takes Christians and seekers through the big story of Scripture--God's story of redemption through Christ.
According to Plan

According to Plan

By Graeme Goldsworthy. InterVarsity, 2002. ISBN: 0830826963.

We often approach the Bible as either a series of unrelated morality tales or as a collection of wise sayings. But, as Graeme Goldsworthy demonstrates, the Bible is actually a single, unified story of redemption with one very important message for humanity. This book will help you to look at the Bible in a fresh, and perhaps even new way, as you get a birds-eye view of the unfolding redemptive work of God.

The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made

The Message of New Testament: Promises Kept

By Mark Dever. Crossway, 2005/2006. ISBN: 1581347170 & 1581347162.

These two books, based on two series of sermons explaining the Old and New Testaments are a helpful introduction to biblical theology. This subject might sound intimidating to the layperson, but by explaining one by one how each book of the Bible fits into the overall message of the Scriptures, Pastor Mark Dever writes in a way that is both clear and accessible.


James Petigru Boyce, A Southern Baptist Stateman

By Tom Nettles. P & R Publishing, 2009.    ISBN: 9780875526645

"Here is a story of faith triumphing amid struggles and controversies within the Southern Baptist Church. At a time when piety and scholarship were often viewed as antithetical...." Boyce's labor and vision for godly, equiped pastors kept his hand to the plow through great difficulty. He gave his life-strength, mental and spiritual vitality as well as his fortune to this great cause. The result was the beginning of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 
George Whitefield

George Whitefield, God's Anointed Servant in the Great Revival of the Eighteenth Century

By Arnold A. Dallimore. Crossway Book, 1990.    ISBN: 139780891075530

"When Whitefield died at age 55, he had preached 30,000 sermons. His hearers included not only the poor and the uneducated, but prominent English aristocrats and American statesmen such as David Hume and Benjamin Franklin. Christians today continue to take courage from Whitefield's humilty and deep spiritually." 
Living With The Giants

Living With The Giants, Lives of Great Men of the Faith

By Warren W. Wiersbe. Baker Book House, 1993.  ISBN: 0801097215

"We are prone to be so fascinated with the latest religious fads and Christian celebrities that we forget that 'there were giants in those days...' It is my conviction that when the church catches up with the past, it will start producing more giants who will be remembered in the future."  
Here I Stand

Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther

By Roland Bainton. Hendrickson, 2009. ISBN: 1598563335.

In the early 15th century, Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church's teaching on the doctrine of salvation. For that challenge, he lived as a marked man for most of his life. Roland Bainton's classic biography of the Reformer introduces us to both his life and his teachings. Bainton's biography is very engagingly written and strikes just the right balance for making it accessible to a wide audience.
A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards

A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards

By George Marsden. Eerdmans, 2008. ISBN: 0802802206.

Jonathan Edwards is considered by many to be America's finest theologian. Edwards pastored a church, authored many important works, led missions to the Indians, and championed the Great Awakening of America's colonial period. Marsden, who in 2003 authored a towering biography of Edwards, brings Edwards to a wider audience with his Short Life.


By Eric Metaxas. Thomas Nelson, 2010. ISBN: 1595551387.

Diedrich Bonhoeffer understood the radical call of the gospel and allegiance to Christ. He took a courageous stand against the Nazis in his native Germany. His efforts cost him his life, as he was martyred just days before Germany's surrender to the allied forces. Metaxas' new biography of Bonhoeffer is a powerful testimony of this faithful pastor.
Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret

By Howard Taylor and Geraldine Taylor. Hendrickson, 2008. ISBN: 1598562533.

For over 50 years, Hudson Taylor gave his life to bring the gospel to China. As the founder of China Inland Mission, Taylor was a missions pioneer who insisted on reaching the Chinese in a manner that was sensitive to culture. God's work through Taylor brought over 800 missionaries to China and saw tens of thousands of people converted. His risk-taking example is an inspiration. Read about him if you dare.
The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place

By Corrie ten Boom. Hendrickson, 2009. ISBN: 1598563394.

Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch woman who risked her life in the 1930s and 40s to help Jews escape capture by the Nazis by hiding them in her home. The family's efforts were discovered, however, resulting in the the family being sent to a concentration camp where her father, sister, brother, and nephew perished. This remarkable story of faith and courage is written in Corrie ten Boom's own words

To the Golden Shore: The Life of Adoniram Judson

By Courtney Anderson. Judson Press, 1987. ISBN: 9780817011215.

One of the most edifying genres of Christian books to read is missionary biography, and one of the greatest missionary biographies ever written is Courtney Anderson’s biography of Adoniram Judson. Adoniram Judson was one of the first Baptist missionaries from North America. He labored with his wife Ann for 40 years to bring the Gospel to Burma. Check out his life story in this engaging book!
George Mueller

George Mueller of Bristol

By George Mueller. Hendrickson, 2008. ISBN: 1598562525.

George Mueller's life is a testimony to how God can answer prayer. Mueller was a man burdened to care for orphans in Bristol, England. Through prayer, he asked God to make provision for his efforts and God answered by supplying what today would amount to several million dollars. Over the course of his life, he started over 100 schools and provided care for thousands of orphans. Mueller also preached the gospel around the world.

The Church

The Disciple Making Church

The Disciple-Making Church

By Bill Hull. Fleming H. Revell, 1990.   ISBN: 0800756274

"Setting forth the biblical foundations of the disciple, the author places particular emphasis on the principles and priorities of the first-century church."   
Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom

Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom, Uniting Church and Family in the Great Commission

By Rob Rienow. Randall House, 2013.  ISBN: 9780892656769

Discover the unique roles of the family and the local church in advancing the Gospel.

"Excellent studies that move beyond the hype to get at what really matters..." Timothy Paul Jones

This book is sure to transform the way you look at church ministry and its relationship with the Christian family. 
The Trivialization of God

The Trivialization of God, The Dangerous Illusion of a Manageable Deity

By David W. McCullough. Navpress, 1995.   ISBN: 0891099093

Sometimes we become spiritually careless and begin to treat our worship of God as if it were unimportant or as if we should simple "get credit" for simply showing up. This book is an excellent resource to rewaken your passion for the Living God. It will reignite your longing for the awe of our God.  
Why We Love the Church promo

Why We Love the Church

By Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck. Moody, 2009. ISBN: 0802458378.

Despite its flaws, its awkward missteps, its internal politics, and more, Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck love the church--and think you should too. It's been fashionable even among Christians in the past few years to criticize the church, and this book is an effort to balance that criticism. It's also a challenge to believers who may be waffling or who have given up on the church altogether. In an age of church hopping and me-centered worship and ministry, DeYoung and Kluck encourage believers to move beyond their casual relationship with the church and plant their roots deep.



Ordinary, Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World

By Michael Horton. Zondervan, 2014.  ISBN: 9780310517375

"I am tempteed to say this is no ordinary book. In a culture that rhapsodizes over every achievement and idolizes many of those who stand out, it is easy for the church to drink from the same intoxicating elixir and swoon over gifted exceptions. How refreshing to read a book that tries to locate spiritual and theological maturity in ordinary faith and obedience, in ordinary relationships, in ordinary service, in ordinary pastors..." D.A. Carson
Broken-Down House

Broken-Down House, Living Productively in a World Gone Bad

By Paul David Tripp. Shepherd Press, 2009. ISBN: 9780981540061

"There is a lot of biblical wisdom here, exactly what we have come to expect from its author. Paul Tripp makes plain how we can truly experience the restoration of a broken-down life ravaged by sin but made new in Christ." Daniel Akin
Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands

By Paul David Tripp. P & R, 2002. ISBN: 0875526071.

People are in need of gospel transformation and the process of maturing in Christ, sanctification, lasts a lifetime. In this book, Tripp lays out God's plan to change and grow his people. Key to that process is the role of the Body of Christ; i.e. how God uses other people to bring about that transformation. Whatever your stage of Christian discipleship, you will find this resource very helpful.
Holy Subversion

Holy Subversion

By Trevin Wax. Crossway, 2010. ISBN: 1433507021.

The early Christians lived in a time of emperor worship and their faith represented a direct challenge to worldly powers. Their declaration that “Jesus is Lord” opposed the prevailing wisdom that Caesar was. Christian priorities have always been subversive of worldly priorities, and the same is no less true today. Trevin Wax’s short book will cause you to consider how a Gospel commitment to the lordship of Christ.

Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion?

By Bruce Waltke. Eerdmans, 1995. ISBN: 9780802839749.

How can I know the will of God? A great deal of confusion often surrounds this question for many believers. Old Testament scholar Bruce Waltke first helps Christians to recognize common unbiblical patterns we use to discern God’s will, and then helps set us on a more biblical path.

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment

By Tim Challies. Crossway, 2007. ISBN: 1581349092.

There is a great need in churches to recover the discipline of spiritual discernment. We live in a time inundated with false teachings, celebrity preachers, and Christian fads. Wading through these waters can be a difficult task, but Tim Challies is a helpful guide. In his book The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, he challenges Christians to cultivate wisdom for distinguishing truth from error, right from wrong, edifying from subversive. You will find this book to be a great help and a tremendous blessing.
Pursuit of Holiness

The Pursuit of Holiness

By Jerry Bridges. NavPress, 2006. ISBN: 157683932X.

Christians are called to pursue holiness. This might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but in our culture, it is not. In this modern classic, Jerry Bridges helps Christians to understand exactly what holiness and how to pursue it in the real world of our everyday lives. By demonstrating that the call to holiness does not mean achievable perfection on this side of eternity, Bridges show Christians how growth in holiness is not only possible, but essential.


Tell The Truth

Tell The Truth, The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People

By Will Metzger. IVP Press, 2002     ISBN: 9780830823222

"This is one of the best and most useful books on evangelism for ordinary Christians. Tell The Trut will help you - yes, even you! - learn how to develop an evangelistic way of life. Instead of relying on manipulative, man-centered methods of evangelism, Metzger explains how to introduce people to Jesus Christ in a way that glorifies God." Philip Graham Ryken
Evangelism and the Sovereignty

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

By J.I. Packer. InterVarsity, 2009. ISBN: 0830834125.

One of the most difficult issues for Christians to get their heads around is how human responsibility interacts with God's sovereignty particularly as it relates to evangelism and salvation. J.I. Packer faithfully magnifies the sovereign work of God in saving people, insists on the Christian's responsibility to evangelize and the unbeliever's responsibility to respond, all the while acknowledging the tension and mystery created by the paradox. If you are confused about your role in evangelism or how to pray for the gospel to go forth in power, you will find this little book to be a tremendous blessing.
Gospel and Personal Evangelism

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

By Mark Dever. Crossway, 2007. ISBN: 1581348460.

This short book lays out the fundamentals of evangelism: What is it? Who should do it? Why? Many Christians struggle with evangelism because they misunderstand what it is, don't know how to go about it, don't understand the urgency, or are apathetic. Dever tackles all of these. If you're looking for some guidance in how to go about sharing this Gospel, this book will help you get some ground under your feet.

Marriage, Children, and Family

Lasting Love

Lasting Love

By Alister Begg. Moody, 2002. ISBN: 0802434053.

Marriages today are failing all around us, and far from being an aberration, divorce is now the norm. But that is not God's design for marriage. He intends for it to last a lifetime. In this book, Alister Begg shares some key principles for making marriage last.
Married for God

Married for God, Making Your Marriage the Best It Can Be

By Christopher Ash. IV Press, 2007.  ISBN: 9781844741892

"This book turns our thinking upside down. The author examines the Bible's teaching on marriage, whiling remaining firmly earthed in the twenty-first century world where messing up, heartbreak, divorce and sexual chaos are distressingly common. Staring with God's grace applied to our pain and failure, the author centres on God's plan for sex and marriage, one service."
This Momentary Marriage

This Momentary Marriage

By John Piper. Crossway, 2009. ISBN: 1433507129.

According to Ephesians 5, marriage was created to be a display of the gospel--a portrait of the love between Christ and his church. There is plenty of confusion today about what marriage actually is, but in this book John Piper holds the banner of Ephesians 5 up high. Theological, practical, and devotional, this book faithfully lays out the Bible's teaching on marriage and singleness.
God Grand Vision for the Home

God's Grand Vision for the Home

By Rob Rienow. Awana, 2007.

"Why did God create the institution of the family? Quite simply, to ensure that the next generation grows up to know, love and serve Him." Through this short book God will transform your family. Learn God's vision for your home. 
Big Picture Story Bible

The Big Picture Story Bible

By David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker. Crossway, 2004. ISBN: 1581342772.

We often teach children the Bible as a series of isolated character studies or—worse—simple morality tales. The Bible is certainly not less than simple stories about real human concerns, but it is more than that. The Bible is a grand unified story of God’s redemptive work. It is the story of His kingdom and of His forever King—Jesus. The Big Picture Story Bible weaves this story together with deep truths and beautiful illustrations. All children, but especially children ages 3-8, will truly enjoy this Bible.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

By Sally Lloyd-Jones. ZonderKidz, 2007. ISBN: 00310708257.

Every part of the Bible points to the person and work of Jesus Christ, and it is important that we teach children to see that truth. Like the Big Picture Story Bible, this Bible helps children to see how every story relates to the redemptive plan of God in Christ. Beautifully illustrated and movingly written, your family will treasure this story Bible.
Big Book of Questions

The Big Book of Questions and Answers

By Sinclair Ferguson. Christian Focus, 1997. ISBN: 1857922956.

Parents have a responsibility to train their families up in the Lord. One key method for fulfilling this role is by keeping regular family devotions, and Sinclair Ferguson's Big Book is a very helpful resource. Organized around 77 key questions like, "Who is God?", and packed with a variety of different ideas and teaching tools, this book can be used for both younger and older children alike.
Big Truths for Young Hearts

Big Truths for Young Hearts

By Bruce Ware. Crossway, 2009. ISBN: 01433506017.

Theology is the stuff of life, and that's not only true for big people. This helpful little book was born out of a theologian's efforts to explain doctrinal truth to his own young children. Parents will find this book very helpful for gaining a firm grounding in doctrine with a special view toward how they can communicate it to their children.

Shepherding a Child's Heart

By Tedd Tripp. Shepherd Press, 1995. ISBN: 0966378603.

There are as many parenting methods out there as there are potential book deals. Parents can often become frustrated and unsure how to sift through differing, sometimes contradictory, advise. Tedd Tripp offers more than a method in his book--he shares a philosophy that is saturated with Scripture. Rejecting typical notions, such as the goal of discipline being behavior modification, Tripp argues that parents must reach all the way to a child's heart to affect real and lasting change.
The Blessing

The Blessing

By Gary Smalley & John Trent. Thomas Nelson Publisher, 1986. ISBN: 0840730667

"Offering solid, practical advice and a fresh perspective on making this gift a bigger part of our families, The Blessing powerfully communicates these biblically based elements as necessary to prepare children for positive future relationships, including their relationship with a loving God." 

Learn to use your role as a parent or grandparent to pronounce God's blessing on your children. 
How to Bring Your Children to Christ

How to Bring Your Children to Christ

By Ray Comfort. Genesis, 2005. ISBN: 0974930040.

Parents naturally want to see their children come to Christ, but what should that look like? How should we instruct them? What are the most important things we need to communicate? Most of all, how can we avoid seeing our children falsely converted? Ray Comfort offers parents helpful, biblical counsel for sharing the gospel with their children.
I Believe in Jesus

I Believe in Jesus

By John MacArthur. Thomas Nelson, 1999. ISBN: 0849975115.

John MacArthur is a trustworthy guide when it comes to the gospel, and this is true when it comes to teaching the gospel to children as well. If you're looking for a resource for how to communicate the gospel to your young children, you'd be hard-pressed to find something better. I Believe in Jesus comes complete with pictures and detailed explanations geared toward children.
Age of Opportunity

Age of Opportunity

By Paul David Tripp. P & R, 2001. ISBN: 0875526055.

Most parents look at the teenage years as a period to survive through, much less thrive in. But Paul David Tripp wants us to have a different vision. This book is full of encouragement for parents of teenagers to embrace those years in their kids lives as an opportunity for their own spiritual growth and maturing as well as for their kids'.


Let the Nations Be Glad

Let the Nations Be Glad

By John Piper. Baker, 2010. ISBN: 0801036410.

"Missions exists because worship doesn't" has become a classic statement of purpose for the cause of Christian missions. From churches, to missions workshops, to seminary classrooms, John Piper's exhortation to missions has been used powerfully by God in the lives of many. Now in its third edition, this book is certain to stir your heart for the nations.

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions

By Ruth Tucker. Zondervan, 2004. ISBN: 0310239370.

Ruth Tucker’s classic history of missions has now been released in a second edition. Through brief portraits of individual missionaries, Tucker weaves together 2000 years of missions efforts into a story that is sure to both challenge and inspire. Whether read straight through or devotionally, youth and adults will enjoy learning how God has used ordinary people to advance His Gospel among the nations.
Operation World

Operation World

By Jason Mandryk. Authentic, 2010. ISBN: 1850788626.

Have you ever determined to pray for missions and for the gospel to go out to the nations but weren't sure where to start. Operation World is your answer to that dilemma. Packed with information about hundreds of countries and people groups including specific prayer needs, you'll find information here to guide you in prayer for months to come. If you truly desire for God to break your heart for the nations, this book will help guide you along.
Too Small To Ignore

Too Small To Ignore, Why the Least of These Matters Most

By Wess Stafford. WaterBrook, 2007.  ISBN: 1400070430

"Why are children so easy to ignore in the busy mainstream of life?...Children are victimized by war, pornography, prostitution, as well as by lack of funding, feeding, educating, and protecting. Yet in a few short years, the world's challenges will be theirs to manage. Now is the time to act on their behalf and invest in children...because they are too small to ignore."

Spiritual Disciplines

If God Already Knows Why Pray?

If God Already Knows Why Pray

By Douglas F. Kelly. Christian Focus, 2005. ISBN: 1857921461

"It is written for those who find it difficult, in theory or practice, to reconcile our prayers with the sovereignty of God in providence and redemption." Evangelical Times
Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

By Donald Whitney. NavPress, 1991. ISBN: 1576830276.

Discipline: a concept that few of us like because we associate it with limits and legalism. The Scriptures offer a different view of discipline, however. Discipline in the Bible is both fruitful and ultimately freeing. In his book, Donald Whitney takes his readers on a tour of the spiritual disciplines and how God will use them to nurture godliness in our lives. In a day when spirituality can be a pretty confused subject, Whitney offers clear and sound biblical teaching.

Morning and Evening

Morning and Evening

By Charles Spurgeon. Crossway, 2003. ISBN: 158134466X.

This devotional by one of the 19th century's most stirring preachers is a classic. Just as its title indicates, the devotional contains two readings for each day. Spurgeon's devotional thoughts will encourage you to continue trusting in Christ and to continue in meditating on God's Word.
Valley of Vision

Valley of Vision

Edited by Arthur Bennett. Banner of Truth, 1975. ISBN: 0851512283.

This book is a classic devotional collection of Puritan prayers and meditations. God has used it mightily in the spiritual growth of many Christians.
Face to Face

Face to Face

By Kenneth Boa. Zondervan, 1997. ISBN: 0310925509.

This book is a very helpful tool for guiding personal devotions. Kenneth Boa has arranged hundreds of Scripture passages into the first person so that that they can be used as prayers to the Lord. There are three months worth of guides for daily prayers. Each day is arranged into categories of adoration, confession, renewal, petition, intercession, affirmation, and thanksgiving.


Reclaiming The Sufficiency Of Scripture

Reclaiming The Sufficiency Of Scripture

By Rob Rienow. Randall House, 2012.  ISBN: 9780892656752

"...Rob clearly unpacks, in Scripture God not only revelas what He wants done, how it is to be done, but also who should do it. Rob leaves readers convinced that the Bible alone is sufficient for every matter of faith and life..." Richard Ross
Knowing God promo

Knowing God

By J.I. Packer. InterVarsity, 1993. ISBN: 083081650X.

What does it mean really to know God? Knowing God is not just for the academic theologian. It is for the Christian, whose entire existence should be characterized by an ever- deepening knowledge of God. For over 30 years, J.I. Packers book Knowing God has both challenged and inspired ordinary Christians toward an exalted view of God and his character. Check out this modern classic.
The Deep Things of God

The Deep Things of God

By Fred Sanders. Crossway, 2010. ISBN: 1433513153.

When most Christians think about the Trinity, they usually get caught up in trying to figure out the conceptual puzzle of how a God who is one could also be three. Fred Sanders doesn't think that that is a worthless exercise, but the burden of this book is to show Christians that they are already deeply involved in a relationship with the Trinity. And that reality has a great deal of important applications to the Christian life. If you've ever been frustrated when thinking about the Trinity, you'll find this book to be a breath of fresh air.
The Cross of Christ

The Cross of Christ

By John Stott. InterVarsity, 2006. ISBN: 083083320X.

For more than 20 years, John Stott's The Cross of Christ has been a gold standard for understanding the doctrine of Christ's substitutionary atonement. Like Knowing God, this book, readable by both scholar and layperson alike, has truly been a gift to the church.

Finally Alive

By John Piper. Christian Focus, 2009. ISBN: 1845504216

In our culture, the term “born again” has become nothing more than an adjective, often derogatory, to describe evangelical Christians. In the Bible, however, the new birth represents an enormous theological truth. In Finally Alive, pastor John Piper unpacks the transforming reality of the new birth in all its richness. If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus and the New Testament writers mean when they speak of being “born again,” and what that means for your life, you will love the powerful insights of this book. To download a free electronic version of this book, visit Desiring God.

Systematic Theology

By Wayne Grudem. Zondervan, 1995. ISBN: 0310286700.

Where do you go when you wonder what the Bible teaches about a particular topic? Numerous Christians across the centuries have ventured to explain Christian teaching as a coherent whole. One of the best modern efforts to do just that is Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Although highly readable so that it can be read straight through, this book is particularly helpful as a reference and it is one that Christians should have on their shelves. You will turn to it again and again. For a more simplified version of this book, check out Grudem's book Bible Doctrine.
The Quest for the Historical Adam

The Quest for the Historical Adam, Genesis, Hermeneutics, and Human Origins

By William VanDoodewaard. Reformation Heritage Books, 2015.  ISBN: 9781601783776

"The biblical truth claims of the historicity of Adam and the reality of the fall are neither incidental nor insignificant to the Christian faith. They are matters of gospel importance." Ligon Duncan
The Works of Francis Schaefer

The Works of Francis A. Schaeffer

By Francis Schaefer. Crossway, 1985.  ISBN 9780891073314

The more serious student of the Word and the world will find this set to be of great and enduring value. 

"Recognized internationally for his work in Christianity and culture, Francis A. Schaeffer authored more than twenty books, which have been translated into a score of languages and sold millions worldwide. He and his wife, Edith, founded L'Abri Fellowship international study and discipleship centers. Schaeffer passed away in 1984, but his influence and legacy continue worldwide."
Bible Doctrine

Bible Doctrine

By Wayne Grudem and Jeff Purswell. Zondervan, 1999. ISBN: 0310222338.

If Grudem's Systematic Theology intimidates you, check out his book Bible Doctrine. Filled with the same rich substance, it is an abbreviated version of his Systematic. This book is a great reference to have on hand as you encounter teachings that make you scratch your head.

The Courage to be Protestant

By David F. Wells. Eerdmans, 2008. ISBN: 9780802840073.

In his book, David Wells challenges biblical Christians to resist the pressure and intimidation to embrace the methods that some evangelicals demand are required for cultural relevance. He writes, “The key to the future is not capitulation that we see in both the marketers and the emergent's. It is courage. The courage to be faithful to what Christianity in its biblical forms has always stood for across the ages.” This book is a welcome encouragement to Christians who are striving to build their lives, churches, and doctrine on the Word of God.


Do Hard Things

By Alex and Brett Harris. Multnomah, 2008. ISBN: 9781601421128.

Alex and Brett Harris are youth on a mission. Since 2005, they have hosted the website to challenge youth to rebel against a culture that places low expectations on them. Their radical counter-cultural message has been noticed even in the secular media and they have been featured on several of the cable news outlets, NPR, and The New York Times. Their book presents five different challenges to youth to do hard things. If you are a dad or mom of a youth, you won’t want them to miss out on this book.