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How big is your God?

A little girl climbed onto her daddy’s lap one night and promptly asked one of those mystifying questions little people often use to make adults feel stupid.

"Daddy, how big is God?"

Her daddy’s response was a master stroke of wisdom. "He’s always a little bigger than what we need," he replied.

God is always able, and man is never able. That’s a great theological truth. If we learn to live by this truth, we will find it much easier to stay on the proper course through life. From time to time, I like to take matters into my own hands. Everyone likes to feel independent and self-sufficient. However, I usually find trouble very soon after determining that "I" can do something. Peaceful resolution finds its way into my complicated life very soon after determining that "I" cannot do, but God can. When I place the matter in His hands and leave it to Him to figure out the details, it is amazing how small "my" mountains become.

We have incredible opportunities before us here in the Crabapple community. Opportunities can sometimes be overwhelming, maybe even discouraging IF we look at them through human eyes. When we look at the task through our abilities, we should be overwhelmed. But, when we look at them through the eyes of our God, the tasks shrink before us.

As we look to the future and all the wonderful opportunities before us, let us choose the view from our Father’s lap. Everything always looks better from there.

I love you folks!

You are in my heart!
Pastor Jerry