Internet Accountability

Lust is a huge problem in our culture today and the ease of access to materials that feed temptation is unprecedented. The statistics are staggering. We owe it to our brothers and sisters in Christ, our families, and most of all, our Lord to battle against this temptation. While no "coping strategy," no software, no accountability relationship can ever give certain victory--Christ alone can do that--we are called to be in the fight.

Many folks have found the X3 Watch software especially helpful. It is not filtering software, but instead functions to give accountability by sending information about questionable web browsing to a person you designate. Even if you've never strugled in this area, there is no reason not to run this software to help avoid even the appearance of evil. It's both simple and free. You can find out more information about this software, as well as other options by clicking here. Our pastors would love to help you more and further resources are available by contacting them.

(Crabapple does not necessarily endorse the activities and teachings of the organization that provides this software.)